Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Painting and Collage with Adrianne Hetherington

Adrianne Hetherington spent two years as President of the Wellington Art Society. She lead us through the rewriting of our by-laws, the creation of a website, and two large outdoor art shows. When you're busy running things, you're not always able to steal time away to make your own art. Adrianne has made up for lost time, and is now creating beautiful mixed media art pieces. We were lucky enough to see her demonstrate her techniques at our January 12 members' meeting.

Adrianne uses acrylic paints and various papers to create her collages. She takes tissue, crumbles it, and adheres it right to the canvas using a gel medium and a brush. When dry, she paints over the paper. As she works, she begins to see shapes form. She hasn't started out with a picture in mind, but her combinations lead to beautiful outdoor scenes.

You can see more of Adrianne's art on her website.