Monday, September 24, 2012

50 Artists/50 Bucks

The Armory Art Center recently held their event 50 Artists/50 Bucks. This has become an annual event, so be sure and look for it next year. The idea is that it is live art creation, followed by a live auction of the art created. For three hours, 50 artists set up their easels, used the wall, table, or floor to create a work of art. Acrylic paints were used so the canvases would dry and be ready for the lucky bidder to take home. One of our members, Laura Willems, participated.

Hundreds of people attended this event. They walked around, looking at the artists as they created the paintings. Laura's technique was fascinating. She really was giving us a performance of her art. First, she mixed paint colors. I must admit, I was worried at that point, because all the other artists had already started putting paint to canvas. I thought she might be behind with the timing. I needn't had worried, as not only did she finish one canvas, but she finished at least two more of equal size, and several mini canvases.

After she mixed her colors, she poured them into a tray, in rows of color. You can see that on the floor in front of her. Then she dipped the blank canvas into the tray. What a wonder! You can see a bit of one canvas in the bottom left corner of the photo above.

After the artists finished their paintings, they were brought to the front of the gallery. Talya Lerman, Director of Education for the Armory Art Center, was the auctioneer. Some of the paintings began with "silent" bids, and some just started at the $50 minimum bid. With so many people at the event, there were a few lively competitions for pieces. This was a successful fundraiser for the Armory, and good sales and press for the artists.

Laura's artwork sold as well. Way to go, Laura!

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