Thursday, November 29, 2012

Another Great Show at City Hall

We're in the middle of the second show of artwork at Wellington's City Hall. Our members have outdone themselves, once again. Wellington has graciously offered their walls for the Wellington Art Society to display their artwork. Their City Hall is a beautiful, green-certified building. The walls are quite large, so large pieces do very well. We recently held a reception for the artists and their family and friends. This was a great opportunity to really spend some time walking around and enjoying the artwork.

We have 25 pieces from 11 artists on display. They include both 2D and 3D work. Here is Leslie Pfeiffer with her oil painting called "Peaceful Moment." It is 22" x 26", $550.

This painting is called "Alaska" by Corinne Ingerman. It is a watercolor, 21" x 28", $800.

Flannery Winchester painted "Bashful" in acrylic. It is 38" x 39", $950.

"Bottle of Colorful Dreams" is a mixed media by Phyllis Silk. It is 36" x 18", $950.

Here is Flannery's mother, Melynda Melear with Flannery's acrylic titled "Braids." Flannery is currently in art school and was unable to attend our reception. This painting is 40" x 56", $1,200.

Gisela Pferdekamper works in oils. This piece is called "Attracting Butterflies" and is 40" x 30", $3,500.

Maria Lentine painted this in acrylic and it is called "A Colorful Heritage." It is 40" x 30", $1,200.

Adrianne Hetherington created this using acrylics and various papers. It is called "Snowy Egret Sunset," and is 48" x 60", $6,000.

Laura Willems calls this "Life on Europa." It is a grouping of four paintings, mixed media, 25" x 25", $900.

Here is Phyllis Silk with her mixed media piece called "Fantasy Flowers." It is 36" x 24", $950.

Joanne Baker MacLeod paints in oils. This one is called "Ginnie Springs II", 40" x 30", $600.

This one is "Ginnie Springs III", 28" x 34", $450.

Here is Leslie Pfeiffer with her oil painting, "Golden Frangipani," 24" x 24", $750.

Gail Erickson sculpted this piece called "Heavyhead."

BettyJane Heiser Zedonek used acrylic and colored pencil to create "Koi Pond at Dawn," 24" x 18".

Here's another acrylic by Flannery Winchester, titled "Lady." It is 67" x 43", $2,250.

Maria Lentine poses with her acrylic called "Life Wrapped in Gold." It is 36 1/2"  36 1/2", $2,800.

Gisela Pferdekamper created these two oil paintings. "Heavy Metal" and "Poker Pony" are both 40" x 30", $3,500.

"Penumbra" is a mixed media set of four paintings by Laura Willems. They are 25" x 25", $900.

This sculpture is titled "SANA," and was created by Gail Erickson. It is $600.

This is "A Summer Place," an acrylic by Maria Lentine. 25" x 25", $600.

This acrylic is by Phyllis Silk and is called "Whispering Sands." It is 24" x 30", $950.

 Corinne Ingerman created this watercolor called "West Palm Beach House," 30" x 24", $1,000.

Here is Laura Willems with "Firestorm," 25"x 25", $900, mixed media.

Here are some of our members who attended the event. Back row: Donna Donelan, Phyllis Silk, Maria Lentine, Joanne Baker MacLeod, and Corinne Ingerman. Front row: Linda Rovolis, Adrianne Hetherington, Leslie Pfeiffer, and Suzanne Redmond.


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