Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A Variety of Art at the Community Center

We're a couple weeks into a three-month show of our members' artwork at the Wellington Community Center. On the first floor we've placed 11 paintings in the Card Room. This room gets a lot of usage by Wellington's residents, so it's a high visibility spot for paintings.

We've been displaying paintings in this room for years, and have even sold paintings right off the wall. Any of our members can submit their artwork for this show. Here is Bobbin Salisbury's watercolor painting titled "Angels in the Sky." It is 24 1/2" x 30".

All watercolor paintings must be behind some kind of acrylic instead of glass. We want to be careful when these paintings are displayed in public settings. Here is another watercolor, this one by Donna Donelan, titled "Cape Cod Window," 23" x 19".

Laura Willems is bold in her painting experiments. This one is done in acrylic and is called "Convolutions," 26" x 20".

Joanne Baker MacLeod works in oils, and is often inspired by the many natural areas here in Florida. This one is called "Loxahatchee Wetlands." The Loxahatchee River runs through much of Palm Beach County. She's definitely captured the scene here. This is 27 1/2" x 35".

Ursula Fernandez also paints in oil. This one is called "The Nap," 33 1/2" x 28". Ursula will have a solo show of her artwork at Whole Foods Market in Wellington for March - May. She'll be showing a lot of her floral paintings.

Bobbin Salisbury painted this called "Ocean Wave" in watercolors. This is quite large, 28" x 36" and is nicely framed.

Ursula Fernandez created this oil painting called "Nostalgia," 30" x 25".

Laura Willems painted "Static Electricity" in acrylic, 25" x 21".

Donna Donelan created "Think Pink" in watercolors, 28" x 22".

"Resting Panther" is by Joanne Baker MacLeod. It is done in oil and is 24" x 30".

Donna Donelan also painted this watercolor called "Sunset Sail," 13" x 16".

You can see these paintings through May 31. The Wellington Community Center is located at 12150 W. Forest Hill Blvd, between the swimming pool and tennis courts and behind City Hall.

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