Friday, March 15, 2013

North end Gallery: Art on Park

The Artists of Palm Beach County (another artist group that we have here) has opened a gallery on Park Avenue called Art on Park. They are doing rotating exhibits, as well as offering co-op and studio space. A few of our members have displayed their artwork there, and I'd like to show you some from the current show.

That photo is just part of one side of the gallery. As you can see, it is quite large. In addition to five co-op artists, 42 other artists are displaying their artwork right now. You can't really see here, but they do have pedestals and shelves for 3D artwork. Ilene Adams is displaying some of her photographs. At the last exhibit, she sold one of her pieces during the reception. Starting in the upper left corner, you have "Lily in Blue," 15" x 7", $200; "Wheels," photograph on aluminum, 20" x 30", $950; "Beads," photograph on aluminum, 20" x 30"; and "Lily in Orange," 15" x 7", $200.

Mikki Vicoli is displaying her photographs. The first one is titled "Determination," and is 28" x 31", $225. The second one is "Zebra Lady," 28" x 31", $175.

Suzanne Redmond has four paintings, which she's done in acrylic. Starting at the upper left: "Forest for the Trees," 18" x 24", $250; "And Then She Ran," 30" x 24", $350; "Reach for the Light," 36" x 24", $450; and "Blustery Day, " 20" x 16," $200.

Laura Willems is also displaying her paintings. This one is called "Jigsaw," and is 30" x 48", spray paint on canvas, $900.

This one is called "Sparky," 30" x 48" mixed media on canvas, $1,800.

To display your artwork at Art on Park, or to rent co-op or studio space, you must be a member of the Artists of Palm Beach County. For more information, visit their website here.

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