Sunday, April 14, 2013

Wellington City Hall -- Part II

I am continuing on my tour of the WAS members' artwork on display at the Wellington City Hall. You can see the other post here.

In March we held a reception for the artists. Anyone is welcome, and many artists brought their family and friends. Here we are posing for posterity. Back row: Corinne Ingerman, Ursula Fernandez, Sandra Barbieri, Joanne Baker MacLeod, Laura Willems, Phyllis Silk; Front row: Bobbin Salisbury, Adrianne Hetherington, Suzanne Redmond, Leslie Pfeiffer.

Most of the art is in the common areas of the second floor. We have three pieces on the first floor. Here is Adrianne Hetherington with her mixed media paintings.

The painting on the left is "Egret with Red Hibiscus," and the one on the right is "Crossed Lovers." They are both 40" x 16" and are made with acrylic and mixed papers.
 Linda Rovolis also made an acrylic painting using papers.

Hers is called "Craning" and is 36" x 24".

Here is Phyllis Silk with her painting "Splash", 40" x 28".

This one is titled "Stained Glass with Bottle," and is 36" x 24".

This is Phyllis' third piece called "Paper Flowers," 24" x 30".

Joanne Baker MacLeod poses nicely next to her paintings.

Joanne paints in oil and this one is called "Okeeheelee Nature Trail I", 30" x 40".

This is "Okeeheelee Nature Trail II," 30" x 40".

Laura Willems with her triptych, "Slash." This is acrylic, 24" x 58".

Laura also painted this, "Chaos Theory," acrylic, 24" x 38".

These are called "Kinesis," 24" x 24", by Laura Willems.

Stop by tomorrow when I show you the rest of the paintings in the City Hall show.

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