Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Clay Glass Metal Stone Gallery Show

A few of our members recently showed their artwork at Clay Glass Metal Stone Gallery's show titled "The Naked Truth." CGMS is a cooperative gallery and has artists who regularly show their work there. They are now doing small 2-3 week shows that showcase other artists' work. You can see my previous post about their "Oddity of the Artist" show here. Here is the artwork by Wellington Art Society members at The Naked Truth show.

"Lay" by Flannery Winchester, $850.

"O-Pose-Sit" by Marie Lentine, $550. Marie told me a hilarious story about the time she painted this from a live model.

"Awake at Dawn" also by Marie Lentine, $2,800.

"Heavy Hair" by Flannery Winchester, $850. Flannery received an Honorable Mention for this piece.

"Nude" by Flannery Winchester, $380.

"Family Reality" by Mikki Vicoli, $65.

"In a Moment" by Mikki Vicoli, $65.

"Determination" by Mikki Vicoli, $65.

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