Friday, June 29, 2012

How Odd is Your Art?

There aren't that many co-op galleries in Palm Beach County -- why is that? One of the more well-known ones is Clay Glass Metal Stone Gallery in Lake Worth. Located on Lake Avenue downtown, this gallery offers space for 21 artists. What's really exciting about this gallery, is they focus on 3D art. Often the 3D artists get neglected in public displays since they generally focus on wall-hung art. The gallery has become a magnet for artistic souls every first and third Friday evening, when they hold a reception that is open to the public.

In addition to the art on display by the co-op artists, they also occasionally hold shows and attract other artists to display their work. Right now, we're in the middle of a show called "The Oddity of the Artist." How odd is your art? Well, Adrianne Hetherington, one of our artists, shows you just how odd. This piece is called "Chair with Points and Balls," and is for sale at $6,000. The gallery actually had to add a sign to it stating "Please Do No Sit." Really? People try to sit on this? (If you can't see in this photo, let me just tell you that yes, those are nails on that seat.) Adrianne actually won an award for this piece.

Art can be odd in many ways. For Richard Halterman, his odd might be considered unusual. His unique method of manipulating photos created these two pieces.

The top piece is "Fishing for Compliments," $1,800.

This one is called "Struttin," $1,800.

Ilene Adams has spent years creating art in many ways: painting; murals; faux finishes; and even home decorating. She has a few (maybe many?) samples of wallpaper left in her possession. What better use for it than to make some art? She painted right on the wallpaper, and hung them with dowels. They are quite striking in the front window.

She calls this one "Pontille en Blue," $950.

This next one is "Pontille En Jenne," $950.

Barbara Bailey creates beautiful painted collages. Here are her two pieces.

"Maitresse," $175.

"Simulacra," $175.

Adrianne also created this rather odd piece. She calls it "Remnants from a Past Life," $2,800. You need to see this one in person to see all the little bits that are included on it.

Ilene also entered these three pieces, called "City Triptych," $600. Each piece is 12" x 12".

You can see all these pieces in the gallery for about another week. As I said, this is a working co-op gallery. WAS member Gisela Pferdekamper is a member of the co-op, and her paintings and sculptures are on permanent display. You can stop by and see her art any time.

You may have seen her paintings before, but have you seen her sculptures?

Stop by Clay Glass Metal Stone at 605 Lake Avenue in Lake Worth and support your local artists. They can be reached at 561-588-8344. If you are interested in purchasing any of this art, please contact Suzanne Redmond at

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  1. Regarding Adrianne's fantastic chair... I have actually sat in this chair! The nails are so close together, they are like a solid seat. You cannot feel the points. Nevertheless, I wouldn't recommend trying it in a nice dress or slacks.