Saturday, June 16, 2012

More Palms West Hospital Art

Recently, I wrote about the artwork that some of our members did for the Children's Cancer Infusion Room at Palms West Hospital. These donated works of art will remain in this room to cheer up the kids who receive chemotherapy for many hours at a time.

We've long had a great relationship with Palms West, and we've donated paintings in the past. While I was there to take photos of the art in the treatment room, I walked around and found a few more paintings in other areas. It seems we donated some other paintings before I even became a member of the Art Society. I think this was around 2008. The paintings still look great, and the hospital is taking good care of them. Here's a few of them:

This first one is by Arlene Brand.

This one titled "Courage" was created by Judi Bludworth.

Here are some others:

Thank you to all of our members who generously donated their talent and time to Palms West Hospital.

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