Thursday, June 14, 2012

Can You Step Out of Your Box?

Our May art challenge asked our members to "Step Out of the Box" and create a work of art interpreting that theme. As usual, a few of our members rose to the challenge and created some interesting art.

Jean Talbott worked with collage to make this piece.

Judi Bludworth made a 3D box with an interesting scene inside that included her teeth. You had to see it. I apologize for the terrible photograph.

BettyJaneZedonek always brings in interesting paintings or pen and ink drawings. This time she stepped out of her box and made some beaded zipper pulls.

Bobbin Salisbury is still experimenting with a watercolor technique where she focuses on the negative space. She literally painted a box in her painting on the left.

Suzanne Redmond went out of her box completely, as she tries to develop her own painting style. She recently took an acrylic painting class and this is one of her paintings that was inspired by that class.

Laura Willems has been experimenting with mixing acrylics and oil paints to see what chemical reactions they make.

Leslie Pfeiffer presented this photograph of a flower. She explained that while she normally works in oil paint, she decided this time to try her hand at photography. She took an up close photo to see more detail of the flower, then she framed it in a beautiful fine art frame.

Come back and visit our blog when I present our next challenge: Graffiti-style art.

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