Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Graffiti Comes to Wellington

In my last post, I told you about our end of the year dinner we held at Graffito Restaurant in Wellington. The restaurant has quite a few examples of graffiti art throughout the room. We decided to do our own art to bring and show off for the night. This was a stretch for our group. I'd venture to say that none of us had tried our hand at graffiti before. Some even admitted that they had to Google the word to see a definition and some examples. While we may not be ready for a public wall near you, we did challenge ourselves to try something new.

Suzanne Redmond brought this piece to honor our group.

Adrianne Hetherington graffiti'd the word "Imagine" for her piece. (Not sure if "graffiti'd is a word as well.)

Bobbin Salisbury figured if she was making a new painting, she'd make it useful. This one directs you to her website.

Linda Rovolis created this piece, then turned around and donated it to the restaurant.

Behind Linda on the left, you can see Corinne Ingerman's graffiti-inspired drawings.

Kathy Morlock created this graffiti piece, and even painted it so it looked like it was on a brick wall.

Laura Willems brought a few pieces. She is painting with both acrylics and oils, exploring how they react with one another.

Mikki Vicoli, and Ilene Adams also brought graffiti-inspired art. If I get pictures of their artwork, I'll post it here.

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