Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A Fun Night Out at our Annual Dinner

On May 31, we gathered at Graffito Restaurant in Wellington to celebrate the end of a busy, but fun year. Suzanne Redmond, as she reflected on her last year as President, gave out awards and gifts of appreciation to many of our members.

The first award of the night was given to the members who have held a solo artist show at Whole Foods Market in Wellington. This show began just this year, and we have had a new artist every three months. These artists must apply for this show. They must be Wellington Art Society members, and be able to submit at least 12 paintings for display. The minimum size is 16" x 20", and since some of the spaces are large, 2 - 3 paintings may fit together.

Suzanne gave framed photos as mementos to many of the members. Here she is on the right with Whole Foods artists Linda Rovolis, Kathy Morlock, and Joanne Baker MacLeod. (Nancy Tilles is not pictured.)

Corinne Ingerman was honored for her work at the Wellington Boys and Girls Club. Corinne arranges for WAS artists to give art lessons monthly to the children. This is a very worthwhile project, and we appreciate what Corinne does. Every artist who has gone out there goes with a bit of trepidation, and leaves having a very rewarding experience.

Here is Corinne receiving her caladium plant from Suzanne.

Adrianne Hetherington organized the donation of art by our members to Palms West Hospital.

These art pieces are hung in the Children's Infusion Room. Our artists used their own paints and canvas, using all non-toxic paints, to donate to the hospital. You can see the story and photos of the artpieces here. Each artist received a framed photo of their art. Because the treatment room is a very busy place, used by children and their families, the artists will probably never get to see their art hanging. Suzanne gave them the next best thing. The artists who donated the hospital art are: Tony Baker, Marie Lentine, Corinne Ingerman, Kathy Morlock, Bobbin Salisbury,  Leslie Pfeiffer, Linda Rovolis, Joanne Baker MacLeod, Adrianne Hetherington, and Ilene Adams. Not pictured: Frank Romano, Judy Eisinger, and Marianne Davidson.

Throughout the year, we ask our artists to give demonstrations of their art. For some artists, this might be the first time they were asked to teach their techniques to others. We thank these artists who gave of their skills to our members: Kathy Morlock and Adrianne Hetherington. (Not pictured: Tom Fletcher, Maria Ranieri, and Charlie Smith.)

Many, many of our artists helped out at Tiger Shark Cove park in Wellington. You can see my stories about this project here and here. Pictured are: Kathy Morlock, Jo-Ann Wolf, Geoff Wilson, Tony Baker, Deborah Baker, Leslie Pfeiffer, Corinne Ingerman, Linda Rovolis, Jean Talbott, Ilene Adams, Suzanne Redmond, Marie Lentine, Bobbin Salisbury, and Adrianne Hetherington. Not pictured: Charlie Smith, Sue Hampton, and Arlene Brand.

Joanne Baker MacLeod was honored for hanging her art at the Palms West Chamber of Commerce. Laura Willems, Alice Pearline and BettyJane Zedonek also had their art there.

We've started a new program where Wellington Art Society members may show their art at the Wellington City Hall. Their art will hang for four months, and then we will rotate a new show. Unique to this program is the opportunity for artists to display their 3D art. You can see all of the art here. Pictured are: Joanne Baker MacLeod, Gisela Pferdekamper, Corinne Ingerman, Leslie Pfeiffer, Bobbin Salisbury, Ilene Adams, Richard Halterman, and Ursula Fernandez. Not pictured: Laura Willems and Gail Erickson.

For years, we have been hanging art in the Wellington Community Center Card Room. This program rotates every few months. For the past year, these artists have shown art there: Kathy Morlock, Joanne Baker MacLeod, Bobbin Salisbury, and Ursula Fernandez. Not pictured: BettyJane Zedonek, Lori Shankman, and Frank Romano.

Bobbin Salisbury has brought a new program to the WAS. She calls it the Signature Member program. Members will receive points for their art participation within WAS. When a member achieves 25 points, they will become a Signature Member. This honorable designation can be used on their artist resumes. Here is Suzanne thanking Bobbin for starting this program.

This summer, we are participating in the Art of Association show at the Lighthouse Center for the Arts in Tequesta. Ilene Adams and Jo-Ann Wolf were our jurors. Here are the artists who are displaying their art at this show: Joanne Baker MacLeod, Leslie Pfeiffer, Adrianne Hetherington, Lindy May, Bobbin Salisbury, Suzanne Redmond, Gisela Pferdekamper, Kathy Morlock, Linda Rovolis, and Jean Talbott. Stay tuned to this blog and you can see photos from this event.

Suzanne gave a special award to Leslie Pfeiffer. Leslie is with Suzanne on every project, and does much additional work behind the scenes. Suzanne recognized Leslie and presented her with an album of pictures from all our events during the year.

For the past year, the entire Board of Directors has worked behind the scenes to make all these projects happen. Suzanne thanked her outgoing Board by presenting them with a hand-painted WAS wall plaque. Pictured are: Tony Baker, Director; Jean Talbott, Treasurer; Marie Lentine, Director; Linda Rovolis, 1st Vice President; Corinne Ingerman, Director; Sandy Axelrod, Recording Secretary; Ilene Adams, Director; Adrianne Hetherington, Corresponding Secretary; Leslie Pfeiffer, Director; Bobbin Salisbury, 2nd Vice President; Suzanne Redmond, President.

About five seconds after that photo, Suzanne passed the gavel to our new President, Tony Baker.

Ursula Fernandez guided us as the new Board of Directors took the oath of office. Here is the Wellington Art Society Board for 2012-2013: Jo-Ann Wolf, Director; Jean Talbott, Treasurer; Tony Baker, President; Leslie Pfeiffer, 1st Vice President; Bobbin Salisbury, 2nd Vice President; Sandy Axelrod, Recording Secretary; Adrianne Hetherington, Corresponding Secretary; Linda Rovolis, Director; Corinne Ingerman, Director; Ilene Adams, Director; and Suzanne Redmond, Director.

Since we held our dinner at Graffito Restaurant in Wellington, we decided to invite our members to create artwork in a graffiti theme for the night. Stop by this blog tomorrow to see photos of some of the artwork that was presented by our members.

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