Friday, May 4, 2012

WAS Art at Palms West Hospital

A couple months ago, a group of our artists painted canvases to hang on the walls of the children's cancer treatment room (also known as the infusion room) at Palms West Hospital. These children and their families spend many hours at a time in the room, as they are receiving their chemotherapy. We were given the opportunity to brighten up the room with cheerful, colorful art.

Marie Lentine created these two butterfly pieces.

We hoped to get all the artists back to the room so they could see the art as its hanging, but we soon learned that the room is rarely free of patients. I was able to sneak in for a quick visit with a friend who works there. She actually helps to run the Kids Cancer Foundation of South Florida. This is a fantastic group that provides a space across the street from the hospital where older siblings can go and relax during treatments, and patients can come and play games and read while their parents are utilizing the many resources at their disposal.

Adrianne Hetherington created this painting of Winter, the dolphin with the prosthetic tail. Most of the kids are familiar with the story since the movie Dolphin Tale. Adrianne's painting is a beautiful depiction of an injured animal who was then fixed. I think the kids can definitely relate to that.

Our artists donated their own canvases and paints for this project. They also made sure they used all toxin-free water-based paints. Marianne Davidson created this beautiful scene.

Corinne Ingerman created this animal scene.

Ilene Adams made this cute one,

and Linda Rovolis made "Three Wishes."

These are near the crib that they have reserved for their smallest patients.

Kathy Morlock made this cutie of a little girl spying the world in her yard. One of the nurses I met there said this is her favorite.

Tony Baker made this great grouping of animals. How many animals do you see here?

Frank Romano made both of these paintings. They are called "Mermaid and "Water Sports".

Judy Eisinger made this painting, which is near Bed 1.

There are five treatment beds, so we made five bed numbers. This is such a fun way to designate the beds. Bobbin Salisbury did the painting for Bed 1.

Joanne Baker MacLeod did Bed 2.

Ilene Adams did Bed 3.

Linda Rovolis did Bed 4.

And Leslie Pfeiffer did Bed 5.

When I was there, I met a little boy who said he always does his treatments in Bed 5 because that's how old he is. What a great statement about our art.

One last photo of me, as I was given the tour. Thank you to Sandy Erb of the Kids Cancer Foundation for taking me in, and thank you to Lisa Gardi of Palms West Hospital for giving us the opportunity to create this art for the children and families who must spend so many hours in this room.

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  1. Suzanne! This is phenomenal! It looks great! I am so impressed with the absolutely beautiful, stunning art work and so thrilled to be part of such an amazing organization. The members of the Wellington Art Society that donated their creations deserve accolades for adding such a beautiful part of themselves to Palms West Hospital. I'm so impressed and so proud!!