Monday, May 21, 2012

Time to Visit the ArtsGarage

Have you heard of the ArtsGarage in Delray Beach? I had, and was quite curious about what it was. I heard they had concerts. I heard they had art shows. I heard it was a little funky. That made it right up my alley. I then heard that WAS member Laura Willems had a show there, so I knew I had to take the trip down to the Pineapple Grove District of Delray Beach. You can find the ArtsGarage on the first floor of the garage at 180 NE First Street, just north of Atlantic Avenue.

Laura was part of an art show that benefited the PACE Center for Girls. In fact, this was Laura's very first art show! Yay, Laura! It is a bit daunting to apply for a show, worry if you'll get in, then when you actually get in, worry that you'll make a good showing. Well, Laura did wonderfully with her first show. Her artwork was displayed nicely, she made postcards that she handed out, and she had a nice presence throughout the evening.

Laura has been exploring with different acrylic and oil techniques with her paintings. She's also creating groupings of canvases that can go together or shown separately. These paintings mimic Jackson Pollock's style.

Laura has also tried her hand at assemblage. See if you can identify some of the discarded objects she's used in this piece.

Congratulations to Laura Willems for a well-received show.

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