Monday, May 7, 2012

WAS Art Comes to West Palm Beach

About three years ago, the Wellington Art Society was invited to participate in an art project for the new West Palm Beach Public Library. You may recall that for decades, the library was located at the end of Clematis Street near the water. They've moved it up the street to 411 Clematis. As part of the re-opening, they asked members of the community to paint 4"x6" blocks that would later be mounted on the wall of the libray. We received dozens of these blank blocks and passed them around to our members. On the appointed date, we returned the painted blocks to the City, and . . . they didn't get installed. I heard they tried mounting a few and they kept falling off.

Flash forward three years: They've figured out the problem, and they are now mounted in the lobby of the library. It's nice to see our art out in public.

Here are a few close up photos. Do you see the block that you created?

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  1. Another good reason to go to the Library~ to see great Art. Congrats to all the WAS Artists!