Thursday, May 24, 2012

More Tiger Shark Cove Photos

Wellington finally had the official grand opening for the park, and a few of us stopped by to check it out. You can see my earlier posts about the artwork that we painted for the park here and here.

Suzanne Redmond got to speak for a few minutes and thank all the Wellington Art Society members who helped on this project.

Some of the kids who were there to play helped with the ribbon cutting.

Councilwoman Anne Gerwig was out there during the rebuild working every day. She helped to cut wood and did a little painting.

A few of us stopped by the park a couple evenings before to take some more photos. Jean Talbott finished the two murals she created for the opening pavilions. She had the boards delivered to her home so she could paint them at her leisure. She really did a beautiful job.

Corinne Ingerman painted these cute pieces.

Deborah and Tony Baker created this surfboard. It swings and rocks when you stand on it.

Suzanne Redmond and Leslie Pfeiffer painted some of these pieces.

Linda Rovolis painted the train.

Here's another fish that was painted by Leslie.

Kathy Morlock painted these dolphins.

Here we are at the front of the park.

Now for the really silly photos:

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