Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Tiger Shark Cove Grand Opening

The long awaited Grand Opening of the rebuilt Tiger Shark Cove Park in Wellington is this Saturday, May 5. Tiger Shark Cove is located at the corner of Greenbriar Blvd. and Greenview Shores. Members of the Wellington Art Society spent many hours designing the art pieces, and then painting them. Most of this was done during a 5-day park rebuild, with City of Wellington employees, the playground company Leathers & Associates, and many volunteers from the community.

Art Society members spent over 200 hours on this project. A couple weeks after the big build, a few of us went back to finish the last few bits. I've included a few photos here of the final things that you may have not seen yet. The entrance sign was lettered by Jean Talbott. She meticulously designed each letter so that they would be the same height. The City of Wellington employees did an amazing job cutting these letters out and all the other decorative pieces for the park. Children as well as adults painted their own tiles that are now flanking the entrance. You'll have to visit the park in person to find the tile that you did.

Adrianne Hetherington painted this dolphin. The kids love to climb on it and slide down its tail.

Linda Rovolis painted the Conch Train, and Jean Talbott lettered the name plate.

Suzanne Redmond painted the figures on the outside of the castle. They were able to save the mosaics that cover the inside of the castle.

Jean Talbott painted the seahorse on the front of the pirate ship.

Here you can see the front of the ship.

Here's the submarine in its final state.

Here's the rock wall mural that Ilene Adams created, now with the climbing pieces attached.

And finally, they poured a squishy soft surface for the kids to play on, and they included a shark design. It's much better than the dirty mulch and sand that was there before, but it gets very hot in the Florida sun. You definitely have to keep your shoes on at this park, or it would feel just like walking on our hot beach sand.

Stop by Tiger Shark Cove on Saturday, May 5 at 10:00 for the Grand Re-Opening ceremony. We'll be there!

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