Tuesday, June 19, 2012

WAS Art at City Hall

We've had a long, great relationship with the City of Wellington. We were formed in Wellington over 30 years ago, and have had many art shows and public exhibits there. Our members have displayed their art in local buildings through their Art in Public Places program, and for the last few years, we've held an annual two-day art show at their outdoor Amphitheater. A year and a half ago, they opened up their new City Hall. We are pleased to announce that we now have an agreement with the City of Wellington to display our members' art in their new building. We hung the first show in April, and the art will remain for four months before we choose new art for a new rotation. On May 22, we had a small reception so the artists could see their work.

These first were done by Richard Halterman. They are digitally composed photographs that are printed on canvas. Each is 30" x 30". Left to right, they are: "On the Lam," "Slice of Life," and "Name that Tune."

Ilene Adams took these two photographs at Grassy Waters park in West Palm Beach. They are digital photographs that are printed on paper and overlayed with acrylic, and they are 24" x 36".

One of the great things about the space at Wellington's City Hall is that they have pedestals so our 3D artists can also display their art. These next two pieces are by Gail Erickson. They are ceramic and hand-built. This one is called "Heavyhead."

This one is called "SANA."

Joanne Baker MacLeod paints in oil and is inspired by the Florida scenery. This first one is called "Banyan Tree by the Sea" and is 27" x 36".

The next one is "Ginnie Springs," 30" x 40", and then "Kapok Tree of Palm Beach," 22 1/2" x 32 1/2".

 Leslie Pfeiffer painted this beautiful scene in oil. It is called "Pahayokee" and is 18" x 22".

She also painted this one called "Captivating Cattleya", 24" x 36".

Bobbin Salisbury paints in watercolor. This one was inspired by the "Mexican Marina" she saw while visiting Mexico. Their idea of a marina seems a lot different than what we see in South Florida. This one is 43" x 51".

Bobbin also did this watercolor called "Table Tulips," 28" x 20". This photo was taken during the artist reception.

Ursula Fernandez paints in oils. She is a former ballerina and teacher who is inspired by the graceful forms of the ballet. This painting is called "Scarlet Scarf" and is 48" x 60".

This one is also by Ursula and is called "Ballerina from the 1800's." It is 53" x 29".

Corinne Ingerman used watercolor and colored pencil to create this piece called "Retired," 25" x 30".

Laura Willems painted this in acrylic. It is called "Floating in the Purple Void."

 Laura also painted these and they're called "Fire and Ice."

Laura painted these in the style of Jackson Pollock and calls them "Atomic Lightning."

Gisela Pferdekamper paints in oils and is inspired by the horses she worked with for many years and the nature surrounding her Florida home. This one is 36" x 48" and is titled "Unfinished."

Here are a few of the artists from the reception: Ursula Fernandez, Richard Halterman, Gail Erickson, Joanne Baker MacLeod, Laura Willems, Bobbin Salisbury, Leslie Pfeiffer, and Corinne Ingerman.

If you are interested in purchasing any of these pieces of art, you may email Suzanne Redmond of the Wellington Art Society at sredmond75@comcast.net.

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