Saturday, June 30, 2012

Hanging Art: Drudgery or Fun?

We're in the middle of a two-month show of our art at the Lighthouse ArtCenter. The Wellington Art Society is one of five artist groups that is displaying their art in the show called "Art of Association." Ten of our artists submitted art and were chosen for this show. When the day came to deliver our art, the Lighthouse asked us if we could stay and actually hang our art. Four of us carpooled up there, so after dropping off our art, we went out to lunch. By the time we got back to the Lighthouse, all the art had been propped against the walls where it should be hung. Well, that made it easy. So we got to work.

At one point, while a raging crazy thunderstorm was going on outside, we got a little silly. While we were hanging the WAS art, the others hanging in the other parts of the building were wondering why we were laughing so much. Well, you've got to make it fun, don't you?

Stop by tomorrow when I do a nice, long post and show off all our artwork at this show. The show is until July 26, so be sure and stop by the Lighthouse ArtCenter .

P.S. We went out to lunch at Coolinary Cafe in Jupiter. It's part of a new wave of fresh food restaurants in the north end of the county. It's worth a visit.

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