Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Wellington City Hall Artwork

We have a new show of paintings at Wellington's City Hall, but in case you missed it, I'm going to show you what was on display over the summer. Every four months, we rotate new artwork by our members. It's on display in the first floor lobby and the hallways of the second floor. We are able to display 20 - 30 pieces, so it is quite a stunning show.

I'll show you each of the pieces quickly, but be sure and click on the artist's name which will link to their website and you can see more fabulous art.

Nancy Brown has been a member of the Wellington Art Society for about a year. She is a wonderful photographer who has traveled extensively throughout China. She can print her photographs on any size canvas. This first one is called "Eye of Giant Buddha."

These next two are also photographs by Nancy Brown, "Puppets in Quanzhou" and "Reclining Jade Buddha."

Ursula Fernandez paints in oil, and she displayed three of her pieces, "Dogwood Blossoms," "Golden Coconuts on Black & White," and "Demi-Johns on Window Sill."

Adrianne Hetherington works in acrylic, but also in clay. Here is one of her clay pieces called "Freedom/Nature."

Here acrylics often incorporate many colored papers, as you can see in "My Daughter's Closet."

This last one by Adrianne is called "Remnants from a Past Life" and includes many type of media.

Gloria Hirjak had three pieces in our summer show, "Fall Frolic," "Winter Wolf," and "Bear in Brush."

Leslie Pfeiffer works in oils, and she displayed these two at City Hall: "Morning" and "Moon Dance."

Corinne Ingerman had these two pieces of art on display.

Joanne Baker MacLeod paints with oils. These paintings are called "Florida Woods" and "Florida Woods II."

Laura Willems paints with both acrylics and oils. This is "Venusian Sunrise."

This is "The Fires Below."

And this is "Thirty Fathoms."

Phyllis Silk created "Golden Dreams,"

"Blind Date,"

and "Spinning Wheels."

Bobbin Salisbury paints in watercolor. This first one is called "Three Boats."

Here is "Dancing Leaves," also by Bobbin Salisbury.

Jean Talbott painted "White Birds of Paradise"

and "Irene's Orchids and "White Orchids."

This last one is by BettyJane Heiser Zedonek, and is called "Main Street Bakery."

We've hung a new display of artwork that will be in City Hall through December. You may stop by the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month for a free tour of the artwork. City Hall is located at 12300 W. Forest Hill Blvd., Wellington, Florida.

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