Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Latest City Hall Show

In my last post, I showed photos of the artwork that was on display at the Wellington City Hall this summer. Now, I'm going to give you a sneak preview of a few pieces that are on display right now. Be sure and stop by City Hall on Tuesday, October 22, 2013 for a reception where you can not only see all the artwork but you can also meet the artists. Here's a few of the art pieces that you will see.

Leslie Pfeiffer uses painterly realism to create oil paintings of landscapes, coastal scenes, and rainforests. She is often inspired by her recent travels. She was born in Chicago, and began creating with sketching, painting, and sculpting with clay. Since moving to Florida she has taken classes and workshops and been mentored by these amazing artists: David McElroy, Caspar McCloud, Nancy Tilles, Laurie Snow Hein, and Nelson Shanks. Leslie continues to explore different mediums and techniques and is currently using encaustic to create vibrant abstract works.

Here is one of her oil paintings that you can see at City Hall, titled "Golden Orchids." It is 16" x 20", and can be purchased for $850.

Deborah LaFogg Docherty’s art combines her great two loves: her love of nature and her love of painting. She has been studying wildlife in it’s natural habitat since she was a child on her family’s farm in Connecticut. Whenever she had a chance she would draw and paint, each was always about wildlife. Her paintings strive to give people a glimpse of how animals live in the wild, raise their young, court and survive.
Deborah has created this painting called "Out of the Glade" using oils. It is 20" x 30" and is $1,600.

Mikki Vicoli challenges herself to create artwork using many mediums: paint, inks, and glazes, on canvases, glass and wood. Currently she is working on her photographic skills. This photograph is called "Party Girl," and is 32" x 26", $325.

Kathryn Morlock is a Florida native and has always enjoyed sketching and painting. She worked as a graphic artist in the commercial art and advertising business while living in Miami. She currently lives in Wellington, and her artwork is influence by the Florida lifestyle. Most of her paintings are from photographs of places she's visited.

Her oil painting titled "Working the Fields" was inspired by a newspaper photograph about farming in the Glades. The photo showed rows and rows of crops that seemed to go on forever. She has captured the hard-working farmers as well as the serenity and the beauty of the scene. This oil painting is 20" x 24" and is $350.

Pat Kaufman is a self-taught, award-winning artist known for her bright tropical watercolors in the Key West style. Her inspiration comes from what she sees every day living in the Delray Beach Historic area. She feels that the transparency and spontaneity of watercolors gives life to her paintings.

This watercolor is called "Red Jar with Yellow Poppies." It is 42" x 34" and sells for $900.

I hope you've enjoyed this sneak preview of the artwork that is currently on display at the Wellington City Hall. Tonight's artist reception is from 5:30-7:30 p.m. and is open to the public. The Wellington City Hall is located at 12300 W. Forest Hill Blvd.


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