Friday, November 1, 2013

More City Hall Art

Last week we had a reception for the artists whose work is currently on display at Wellington City Hall. The artwork hangs for four months, and we have a reception about mid-way through. The receptions are open to the public, so it's a great opportunity to see the art and ask questions of the artists.

Here is artist Bobbin Salisbury next to the poster that greets you when you enter City Hall.

Here are a few of the WAS members who attended the reception. In the back row: Candra Conner, Leslie Pfeiffer, Joanne Baker MacLeod, Laura Willems, Nancy Brown, and Ilkin Deniz. Front row: Suzanne Redmond, Corinne Ingerman, and Bobbin Salisbury.

This acrylic painting is called "Abundant Life Within," and is by Marie Lentine. It is 38" x 50", $2,900.

Here is Joanne Baker MacLeod with "Banyan Tree," 30" x 40", oil, $800.

This is "Beautiful Dreams," a mixed media piece by Phyllis Silk, 28" x 40", $1,200.

Alice Pearline is standing near her watercolor "Birch Trees," 23 1/2" x 23 1/2", $350.

Here is Ilkin Deniz with "Boat in Croatia," acrylic, 60" x 20", $850.

BettyJane Heiser Zedonek created this mixed media piece called "Bouganvillea on Patio," 30" x 24", $250.

"Coconuts" is a watercolor by Bobbin Salisbury, 21" x 16", $600.

This acrylic painting is called "Contemplation on the Tree of Life," and is by Marie Lentine, 36 1/2" x 40 1/2", $1,200.

Laura Willems is standing next to her acrylic diptych called "Cosmic Dust," 21" x 52", $900.

Jean Talbott painted "Delta Blues" in oil, 24" x 24", $1,200.

This photograph was taken by Mikki Vicoli, and is called "Determination," 28" x 31", $325.

Deborah LaFogg Docherty painted this called "Fawn," 20" x 24", $1,600.

Durga Garcia is a photographer, and this is called "Florida Hay Fields," 50" x 21", $200.

This photo, also by Durga Garcia, is called "Front Yard Tree," 20" x 26", $250.

Here is Leslie Pfeiffer with her oil painting titled "Golden Passage," 16" x 20", $850.

This photograph is called "Horsemen in Inner Mongolia," and was taken by Nancy Brown, 35" x 80", $2,000.

Kathy Morlock painted this watercolor called "Key West House," 21" x 25", $300.

Nancy Brown is standing next to her photograph "Ladder by the Wall in Tibet," 46" x 64", $1,500.

Joanne Baker MacLeod doesn't just paint beautiful scenes from Florida. This oil painting is called "Massachusetts Stream," 27 1/2" x 33 1/2", $500.

This acrylic painting by Marie Lentine is called "Opening to the Fruits of Life," and is 30 1/2" x 40 1/2", $800.

 Phyllis Silk created this mixed media piece called "Purple Dreams in Color," 20" x 16", $1,200.

Roehl Acosta created this mixed media piece, "1,000 Feet Below my Head," 30" x 48", $3,000.

"Roses" by Alice Pearline is a 29" x 23" watercolor, $350.

This photograph is called "Sir-Reality," and was taken by Mikki Vicoli, 26" x 32", $275.

"Sparky" is a mixed media piece by Laura Willems, 30" x 48", $1,800.

"Spring Blooms" is a watercolor by Donna Donelan, 26 1/2" x 22 1/2", $250.

Jean Talbott used acrylics to create "Sunlit Meadow," 16" x 16", $500.

"The Rings of Solaris" is a mixed media piece by Laura Willems, 36" x 36", $3,600.

Donna Donelan also created this watercolor called "Think Pink," 28" x 22", $250.

"Vanessa's Land" is a watercolor by Alice Pearline, 31" x 25", $350.

"Water Lily" is an oil painting by Jean Talbott, 24" x 30", $1,500.

"Winds of Yesterday" is a mixed media piece by Phyllis Silk, 40" x 28", $1,200.

Durga Garcia took this photograph, called "X Marks the Spot," 26" x 20", $250.

Here is Bobbin Salisbury with her watercolor, "Yellow Coconuts," 20" x 18", $675.

Pat Kaufman painted this "Yellow Jar with Red Poppies," using watercolor, 42" x 34", $900.

This artwork will be on display at the Wellington City Hall through the end of the year.

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