Thursday, March 20, 2014

City Hall Art Reception March 25

I've been showing you the artwork at our current City Hall display for the past week now. But there's nothing like seeing it in person! We will be hosting a reception in honor of these artists on Tuesday, March 25, from 5:30-7:00 p.m. The reception is open to the public, so please stop by and see the wonderful artwork by these amazing artists. Here are a few more pieces that are on display.

"The Overseer" is an acrylic painting by Betty Brodie. It is 24" x 20", $450.

"Journey of Joy" is a mixed media piece by Sandra Barbieri. It is 36" x 24", $750. If you would like to see more of Sandra's artwork, she currently has a solo show at the Whole Foods Market cafe in Wellington, off of SR7.

"Black Moon Horse" is an acrylic painting by Candra Conner, 16" x 20", $150.

 Sandra also painted this mixed media piece, called "Mother Earth Our Real Treasure." It is 24" x 36", $1,000

Mikki Vicoli works in digital photography. She calls this one "Fence -- In or Out?" It is 27" x 31", $200.

 Marie Lentine painted this in acrylics. It is called "Tools of My Trade." It is 25"x 25", $600.

 Another digital photo by Mikki Vicoli is called "Two is Better Than One." It is 22" x 25", $175.

 BettyJane Heiser Zedonek used mixed media to create "Six Mangos." It is 12" x 16", $250.

 And lastly, I leave you with "Healing Flower," another acrylic painting by Marie Lentine. It is 25" x 25", $600.

This artwork will be on display at the Wellington City Hall until the summer.

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