Monday, March 17, 2014

City Hall Gallery, Continued

As I continue with my virtual tour of the Wellington City Hall gallery, I will present you with some watercolor paintings done by our artists. Our first artist is Donna Donelan. Look at how beautiful the frame looks with her "Autumn Leaves." This is 16" x 12".

Corinne Ingerman painted this in watercolor and added pastel pencils, and calls it "Fashion Statement." It is 30" x 25", $2,000. 

Esperanza Delgado calls this "Glass Form." It is 34" x 27", $650. Please forgive the reflection on the glass. The Wellington City Hall is highly lit by natural lighting, as you can see reflected in my photograph of her artwork here.

Yes, I do have trouble taking photographs of watercolors under glass. Hopefully you can see the beauty of Esperanza's "Blue Vase in Milos," 27" x 33", $700.

Donna Donelan must be a traveler to have painted this "Cape Cod Window." It still looks beautiful in its Florida setting. It is 23" x 19".

Keeping with the New England theme, Donna also painted "Maine Buoys." This is 23" x 19".

"Still Waters," by Esperanza Delgado," is 22" x 28", $500.

Our last watercolor artist is Bobbin Salisbury. You can see more of her artwork at her website here. This painting is called "Roots III." It is 24" x 18", $800.

This one of Bobbin's is called "Roots I." I know the titles seem out of order, but I'm giving them to you in the order they are presented at City Hall. This is 24" x 18", $800.

 "Roots II" is also 24" x 18", $800.

Stop by the blog again in a few days and I'll show you the last of the paintings on display right now at the Wellington City Hall.

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