Sunday, April 20, 2014

More Community Center Art

Here are some more paintings that are currently on display at the Wellington Community Center.

These three are mixed media pieces by Ursula Fernandez called "1920's Bathers." They are each 16" x 12", $200.

Donna Donelan painted this 16" x 13" watercolor, titled "Irises," $150.

 She also painted this "Maine Lighthouse," 12" x 16 1/2".

BettyJane Heiser Zedonek created "Kira-Kira in Window" using mixed media. It is 8" x 10".

 "Josephine" is another watercolor by Donna Donelan. It is 12 1/2" x 15 1/2".

 "Scarlet Parrot" is an oil painting by Joanne Baker MacLeod. It is 31 1/2" x 25", $350.

 Joanne also painted "Judy Berens with Bobcat" in oils. It is 30 1/2" x 22", $500.

This artwork will be on display at the Wellington Community Center through May.

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