Wednesday, April 16, 2014

New Art at the Wellington Community Center

The Wellington Art Society has displayed its members' artwork at the Wellington Community Center for many years. It used to be at the upper level in that was called the "Card Room." Now we are hanging the art in the hallways of the ground floor. We have much more room to hang more paintings. We are pleased that quite a few of our new members have submitted art for this 3-month show. Here is some of their artwork.

"Wine" is an oil painting by Carl Maxwell. It is 29" x 25 1/2".


 "Tranquility in Highlands," by Sandra Harmon, is 18" x 18", $200.

 Carl Maxwell also painted "Flowers," 26" x 29".

 "Garden," also by Carl Maxwell, is an oil painting, 19" x 23".

"The Perfume of My Garden," by AZUCENA, is done in acrylic, 15" x 30", $750.

 "Those Shells are Awesome!" is also by AZUCENA. It is acrylic, 15" x 30", $750.

 AZUCENA also painted "Dancing Poppies," 16" x 20", $650.

 "Did You See That?" by AZUCENA is 20" x 24", $750.

 "Apples" is by Carl Maxwell, 18" x 23".

 "Western Wall," by Carl Maxwell, is 20" x 16".

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