Monday, June 15, 2015

Wellington Art Society Annual Dinner and Installation

On Tuesday, June 2 the Wellington Art Society held its Annual Dinner and Installation at Mayacoo Country Club. After a beautiful meal Donna Donelan, outgoing President, thanked her officers, board of directors and members for all of their hard work. It has been a very productive and creative year for the group. Past President Adrianne Hetherington installed the new officers and board of directors for the 2025-2016 term of office. The newly installed group begins its term on July 1, 2015.
Outgoing Board from left: Leslie Pfeiffer, Corrine Ingerman, Maria Lentine,
Betty Brodie, Sandy Axelrod and Donna Donelan
Newly Installed Board of Directors from left: Leslie Pfeiffer, Faye Ford, Jeanne Bootz-Brown,
Sandy Axelrod, Donna Donelan, Maria Lentine and Betty Brodie
Adrianne Hetherington, Leslie Pfeiffer and Donna Donelan
Donna Donelan and Kathy Morlock
Jeanne Bootz-Brown and Donna Donelan
Donna Donelan and Faye Ford
Donna Donelan passes the gavel to Sandy Axelrod
From left: Shirley Browne, Maria Lentine, Sandy Axelrod, Donna Donelan, Leslie Pfeiffer and Laura Willems
From left: Joanne MacLeod, Corrine Ingerman, Maria Lentine, Jeanne Bootz-Brown, Donna Donelan,
Kathy Morlock, Laura Willems, Adrianne Hetherington, Betty Brodie and Leslie Pfeiffer

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