Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Resource Depot Seeking YOUR Donations

Hello, friends & colleagues! I am Christina Crespo-Davis. For the past 7 years, I have been a member of the Executive Board of Resource Depot, a local not-for-profit creative reuse center located in West Palm Beach. The mission of the organization is to promote creativity, environmental awareness, and community-building through reuse.  Resource Depot's great work in our community largely benefits teachers and students, which is why the School District is such a committed partner and avid supporter.
Resource Depot is currently gearing up for the new school year and would love to stock its shelves with a new cadre of interesting, fun, functional, and useful items.  If you, or anyone you know (including business associates), have such items and would like to make a donation, please contact their Materials Manager, Will Davis, at wdavis@resourcedepot.net or 561-882-0090 x. 103. 
You may drop off your items or even schedule a free pickup!
Items that are always in high demand include the following:
PAPERReams or partial reams of printer paper, cardstock, letterhead, construction paper, art paper, small rolls of paper, large rolls of paper, poster board, paper sample books, blueprints,  handmade paper.FABRIC AND NOTIONSFabric (yardage only – 1/2 yard minimum), zippers, buttons, beads, costume jewelry, jewelry pieces, thread, sewing needles, sewing pins, sewing tools, sewing patterns, quilt patterns, ribbon, trim, Velcro, leather, yarn, knitting needles, crochet hooks, embroidery hoops, wool scraps, felt.ARTIST SUPPLIESMost types of paint, brushes, pastels, glue guns, glue, chalk, ink, carving tools, stencils, transfer letters, crayons, markers, pens, pencils, rulers, clay,  silk screens, canvas (blank and used), easels.CRAFT SUPPLIESPipe cleaners, craft foam, feathers, glitter, sequins, doll supplies, marbles, game and puzzle pieces, silk flowers, corks, pinback buttons, candles, wax, straws, shells, pinecones, trophies, craft wood, stretcher bars, popsicle sticks.COLLAGE & SCRAPBOOKINGStickers, scrapbook paper, embellishments, punches, rubber stamps, stamp pads, die cuts, maps, calendars, select magazines (see list below), postage stamps, photographs, postcards.BOOKS AND MAGAZINESCraft books, vintage magazines, vintage books, National geographic Magazines, Art MagazinesGIFT WRAP & PARTY SUPPLIESWrapping paper on rolls, unused flat folds of wrapping paper,  unused or gently used gift bags, tissue paper, raffia & Easter grass, greeting cards & envelopes, party decorations, ribbon and bows, party supplies.MAT BOARD, FRAMING, SIGN MAKINGMat board, foam core, picture frames, acrylic, Plexiglas, corrugated plastic, sign board, adhesive vinylARCHITECTURE/DESIGNCarpet samples (not glued into books), Formica samples, wallpaper samples, wallpaper books, tile (colorful – 4″x4″ max), paint chip samples, upholstery books, upholstery swatches (8″x8″ or larger), contact paper.OFFICE SUPPLIESPens, pencils, erasers, scissors, hole punches, staplers, staples, staple removers, tape dispensers, tape, file folders (manila, pocket, and hanging), tab dividers, transparencies, rubber bands, paperclips, envelopes,  labels, binders, plastic/metal organizers, note pads, clipboards.CONTAINERSClean baby food jars with lids, baskets, mason jars, decorative tins, jewelry boxes, prescription bottles (no labels), plastic crates, cigar boxes, clean coffee tins, clean oatmeal containers, plastic storage totes with lids, buckets, burlap sacks, vases, wooden crates, plastic stackable drawers, shopping bags, tote bags.PACKING MATERIALSBubble wrap, packing peanuts, packing paper, packing foam, air bags, moving boxes, shipping tubesMEDIA/TECHCDs, CD cases, cassettes, cassette tape cases, VHS, VHS cases, records, film canisters, slides, slide carousels, floppy disks, telephone wire, coated wire, motherboards, photography equipment, overhead projectors, slide projectors, cameras, telephones, remote controls.GARAGE ITEMSBike parts, bicycle tire tubes, yard and garden tools, hand tools, power tools, ornate metal fixtures (hooks, doorknobs, etc.), gears, wheels, clocks, uncoated wire, screws, nails, keys, tools, wooden dowels, small pieces of wood, rope.KITCHEN ITEMSColorful bottle caps, corks, rubber bands, clementine boxes, plastic produce netting, mason jars, clean baby food jarsVINTAGEPhotos, paper ephemera, jewelry, fine china, linens, postcards, magazines, sewing patterns, tools, luggage, trunks, antiques, typewriters, adding machines, cameras, film reels, trinkets, toys, booksHOLIDAYChristmas lights, decorations

Thank you so much!
Christina M. Davis
Recycling & Sustainability Coordinator Environmental & Conservation Services DepartmentExceeding Expectations
School District of Palm Beach County3300 Summit Boulevard

West Palm Beach, FL 33406Phone 561.688.7602  PX 27602   
FAX 561.687.7035   christina.davis.1@palmbeachschools.org
Please visit our website: http://www.palmbeachschools.org/ecs/

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