Monday, October 15, 2012

A Successful Show for Bobbin Salisbury

We had a wonderful night at Bobbin Salisbury's art reception at Whole Foods Market cafe. Over 65 people attended, and we were entertained with music and great food. Bobbin's family came to cheer her on and admire her watercolor paintings.

Bobbin brought a few more paintings for the night for everyone to enjoy. She also brought some small originals to sell, and she did quite well.

Bobbin also paints custom family trees, birth announcements, and growth charts. You can see more of her art at her website.

Here are WAS members Sandy Axelrod, Ilene Adams, and Suzanne Redmond enjoying the evening. The reception began at 6:30 and went until 8:00.

This is Bobbin's piece called "Fractured Palms." It is 29 1/2" x 22 1/2".

Sherri Mraz from Whole Foods made wonderful brie and mushroom appetizers, and a nice autumn squash soup.

Here are Sandy Axelrod and Adrianne Hetherington enjoying the soup.

Bobbin calls this painting "Going Where?" It is 38" x 24".

These paintings are "The Norton Magnolia," "Twins," and "Bahama Breeze." Bobbin often paints while she's on vacation in some tropical location, like Mexico or The Keys.

We were entertained all evening with some nice music.

Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves.

Bobbin calls this one "Savannah Aging."

Suzanne Redmond spoke glowingly about Bobbin's talents.

Bobbin generously donated this print, and here is Ilene Adams holding her "prize," flanked by Suzanne Redmond, Bobbin Salisbury, and Leslie Pfeiffer.
This painting is called "Secrets." I wonder what is through that doorway?

Bobbin calls this beautiful orchid "Spotted Dottie."


Here's Bobbin with her number one supporter, her husband Gary Salisbury.

Tom Carey, Christine Ressa, Deborah Baker, and Tony Baker also enjoyed the show.

Kathy Morlock and Joanne Baker MacLeod are previous Whold Foods artists. They came by to show their support for Bobbin.

Bobbin's Grandson enjoyed the cool chocolate drink Sherri Mraz made for dessert.

Bobbin's artwork will be on display at the Whole Foods Market cafe in Wellington on SR7 until November 30. Stop by and you'll also see this nice watercolor called "Yellow Coconuts."

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  1. I enjoyed it all over again!!!! It was a great show,with great people!!! I'd like to thank EVERYONE!!!!!! xxxooo Bobbin