Friday, October 12, 2012

Feeling the Love at Jerry's Artarama

Once again, the folks at Jerry's Artarama opened their doors to us for a fun Customer Appreciation night. You may recall that they invited us to their store last spring, not too long after they made their move to their new West Palm Beach location. There have been a few changes since then, most notably the hiring of their new manager after the retirement of the previous manager. We've been pleased to meet Margot Weissman, as well as Craig McInnis, their Outreach Manager. They've attended our events, as well as other art happenings across the county.

For our Customer Appreciation night, all Wellington Art Society members received a 20% discount on their purchases. We were filling shopping carts, and finding all kinds of things we didn't know we needed.

Here are Adrianne Hetherington, Jean Talbott, Craig, and Bobbin and Gary Salisbury.

Our newest member, Shirley Browne, took advantage of the discount as well. Here she is trying her hand with Derivan Liquid Pencil, a product that was new to us. Travis Thew is demonstrating how to use it.

Adrianne admired all of their beautiful papers. Adrianne uses mixed papers in her acrylic paintings. You can see some of them on her website here.

Bobbin was getting a few things for her upcoming solo show. She is showing her artwork at Wellington's Whole Foods Market cafe in Wellington through November 30. You can also check out her art at her website.

Linda Rovolis, and Tony and Deborah Baker discovered that Jerry's was having a big sale on canvases. They filled their carts and carried as much as would fit in their cars.

Jean Talbott also took some of their decorative papers, although she said she wasn't sure how she would use it. I know she'll think of something creative.

Charlie Smith and Linda Rovolis find something else interesting.

Craig talks with Huguette Berzon and Ilene Adams.

BettyJane Zedonek and Al Alomairi are amazed at what they see.

Carolina Guarin is admiring what they are doing with the Liquid Pencil.

Margot and Adrianne discuss more paper.

Leslie Pfeiffer is still gathering things to purchase.

Arlene Brand got a few things too.

Here are Arlene and Leslie again.

Here is a mini piece of art that someone created with the Liquid Pencil. We were all able to try it out that night.

Tony Baker created this one.

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