Saturday, October 13, 2012

One Week Left to See This Art

Two of our artists are in shows in the county that end this week. If you have a chance, you should stop by to see their art. The first artist is BettyJane Heiser Zedonek. BettyJane is a retired Palm Beach County school teacher and a member of the Palm Beach Count Art Teacher's Association. They are showing their work in an annual show at the Armory Art Center in West Palm Beach.

Here is BettyJane's acrylic and colored pencil piece called "The Cheshire Cat Had a Party." It is 20" x 15".

This next piece is called "Disney Morning: Let the Magic Begin," and is also acrylic and colored pencil. It is 24" x 24".

And finally, we have "Walkway: Palm Beach Zoo," a pencil drawing that is 20" x 15".

All of these are available for sale.

Nancy Tilles is showing her oil paintings at a solo show in the lobby of the Palm Beach Gardens City Hall. She is showing about 20 paintings through October 18. I've taken a few pictures to tease you, but please stop by there to see them.

"McKee Water Lilies" is a triptych.

Here are a few others:

You can see more of Nancy's paintings on her website here.

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